Janarth Adivasi Vikas Sanstha

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Educational Programmes

We have organized following activities:- 
1) Balwadis, Non-formal Education classes, Study and Play Centres in 20 villages-for 5 years 
2) Bal melawas, Bal krida melawas every year for the children in above classes
3) Classes under M.Phule Shikshan Hami Yojana, in 16 villages for 2 years.
4) Training of village education committees.
5) Jansunavai on primary education issues:
6) Khel Ghar in 5 villages, wherein we tried to make children and parents aware about right to education and children rights as well.
7) The district level Bal Vidnyan Parishad was organized by us for five years successfully. Workshops for Science teachers were organized for preparation of BVP.
Achievements in Educational activities:
  • No. of children attended Balwadi: 3000
  • No. of children (6 to 10 age-group) attended Non-formal Education Classes and Study- &-Play- Centres and M. Phule Shikshan Hami Yojana Classes: 5000 
  • As a result of Jansunavai on educational issues, Taluka Education Officer notified to all teachers not to use stick and beat children.
  • One project from Nandurbar district was selected at State level for its presentation at The National Bal Vidnyan Parishad which was held in Lucknow. 
  • After vocational training, 10 women and 23 men began to earn on the skills learnt.